Emily Simpson And Teddi Mellencamp Comment On Allegations Of James Kennedy Being Abusive

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***Everything you are about to read is alleged.***

Content Warning!

During a the sophomore episode Popping Off With Teddi Mellencamp and Emily Simpson, the ladies discussed the rumors of James Kennedy having a history of physical violence against women, specifically Kristen Doute and Rachel Leviss.

For context:

The ex Real Housewives of Beverly Hills personality and Real Housewives of Orange County star played a clip of Rachel [formerly Raquel] discussing how she infamously gave her ex-fiancé his ring back at the VPR season 9 reunion.

Rachel explained, “I felt like that was the safest way to break up with” James. “I didn’t go into the details of why we were breaking up and why I couldn’t be with him anymore.”

“Only a few people know that story.”

“It was also at a time when I didn’t want to tell the world because I didn’t want to ruin his life.”

Emily ‘pops off’:

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” began the attorney.

“You can only have so many allegations all the time before there has to be some truth rooted in these.”

“You can’t just have all these different accusations and they are all just fabricated.”

Teddi’s take:

“When it comes to James and any of these physical abuse allegations, when it comes to Kristen or Rachel … all of the women while filming Vanderpump Rules last season supported James.”

“James was all of a sudden, ‘the number one guy in the group.'”

“I feel like this is all getting to a point where when you’re in tunnel vision you’re only talking about what is making good TV at that moment and not necessarily thinking of the other situations and not putting past history involved,” concluded the former Bravo TV star.

Check it out:

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