The Instagram Account In The Middle Of Teresa Giudice’s Feud With Melissa Pfeister Was Deactivated

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The Instagram creator that’s been leaking private text information about Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice, Louie Ruelas, and Melissa Pfeister has been deactivated! @RHONJ_Fact_VS_Lies called out @RhonjTeaBee for being an “Anti Louie and Teresa account” in an effort to sway public opinion. Instagram’s @RHONJ_Fact_VS_Lies even called out alleged identity of the person behind the troll account.

@joyrosenberg1 wrote, “Wow! [@RhonjTeaBee] just deactivated. I’ve been telling you all since since December 2023 that @MelissasOldNose was @RhonjTeaBee, an anti-Louis and Theresa account posing as a Teresa fan was a fraud!!” Instagram’s @joyrosenberg1 believes Margaret “knew and was following [@RhonjTeaBee] after she said she tried to destroy her life. Theresa is right. Marge is an evil person and is behind all of this.”


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@RealHousewifeJunkie chimed in to add three points. “1- Nice of MON to admit she’s @RhonjTeaBee. 2- Mel P. Telling a fan account she loves them and how another fan account was there for her, is creepy. 3- Teresa ended Namaste B!tches because Mel P. was talking shit and spreading lies.

In case you missed what @RhonjTeaBee dropped (and deleted) yesterday:


Receipts indicate Teresa Giudice‘s former podcast co-host, Melissa Pfeister, suffered a traumatic loss at BravoCon 2023. It gets even darker … It appears that Tre’s husband, Louie Ruelas contributed to Melissa’s stress before her medical emergency. Allegedly, Melissa was late for a BravoCon event, and Louie berated her. She claimed the stress of Louie’s words and tone played a role in her pregnancy loss.

Here is a transcript of the leaked (then deleted) text message exchange between Melissa Pfeister and ‘G.’ It was edited for length and clarity.

Do you think that the person behind the ‘Melissa’s Old Nose’ is the same person leaking info from the account ‘RHONJ Tea Bee?’ Is this all propaganda against Tre and Louie? Who do you believe? Sound off below.