Receipts Show Teresa Guidice’s Husband Louie Ruelas Contributed To Melissa Pfeister’s Tragic Loss

Receipts prove Teresa Giudice‘s former podcast co-host, Melissa Pfeister, suffered a traumatic loss at BravoCon 2023. It gets even darker … It appears that Tre’s husband, Louie Ruelas contributed to Melissa’s stress before her medical emergency.

CONTENT WARNING: miscarriage

The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG and her husband were joined by Melissa at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas. For context, Melissa was pregnant when she was in Vegas, but didn’t know it yet. Allegedly, Melissa was late for a BravoCon event, and Louie berated her. She claimed the stress of Louie’s words and tone played a role in her pregnancy loss.

The following text exchange is from Melissa Pfeister and ‘G,’ who is presumed to be Gabriella, the blogger who formerly used the handle @MelissasOldNose. One can infer from the conversation that G was hired to run the ‘Namaste Bitches’ Instagram page.

The following transcript was edited for length and clarity. The full text exchange can be found below or on @RhonjTeaBee‘s Instagram page. 

Friday, November 3rd, 2023 – BravoCon Day 1:

G- Good evening. Melissa Pfeister, did you guys take a pic together today? If so, could you please send it so I can post it on the NB [Namaste Bitches] IG. Thanks 🤍 (7:34pm)

Melissa- Hey you. Ugh. We love you. Want to go home. (8:57pm)

G- Hi love you back. You wanna go home? (9:49pm)

Melissa- Yes (9:50pm)

G- What happened? Are you OK? Are you at the bravos? (9:50pm)

Melissa- Fuck no. I’m so over being here. I want to go the fuck home. (10:03pm)

G- Who hurt you? (10:03pm)

Melissa- Guess (10:04pm)

G- Louie? (10:04pm)

I’m so Sad knowing you’re hurt 😔 I thought you were at the bravos and I was literally waiting to see pics of you and Tre. (10:13pm)

Saturday, November 4th, 2023 – BravoCon Day 2

Melissa- I’m just so spent, G. I feel like I’ve been in the ring for 48 straight and then running 60 marathons. (10:01pm)

It’s just so much stress with them. Every day. Day in and day out. Everyyyy single day. (10:02pm)

G- I know. It’s A LOT! I may show them love and support, but I don’t agree with how they’re all treating you. It’s so upsetting. You do so much and this is all too much on you. It’s not right and it’s 1000% not fair. (10:06pm)

Melissa- I know. It’s hard. Not going to lie, G. Yesterday was hard. Today was an absolute kick in the face. (10:20pm)

G- I can imagine 😔 (10:21pm)

Melissa- I see you sharing the NB stories 🥰 Don’t forget these two. I know I tagged you in a bunch 🤭 (10:22pm)

G- I know it’s easier said than done, but if anyone can do it, it’s you. 🤍

Melissa- Oh my gosh going crazy right now trying to catch up on Instagram and get all your amazing posts out. I just hated being here and I haven’t wanted to post anything about it. But these are good pics so fuck everyone else. I’ll at least post me looking good. (10:35pm)

G- I know you had a shit day, but at least you look HOT Melissa 🔥 (10:35pm)

And I’m sorry things didn’t improve 😔 (10:36pm)

Melissa- This is just so hard. Every fucking day, G. And I know I tell you, but I just hope you know how much I love and appreciate you always being there and in my corner. (10:38pm)

G- Thank you! Love you too 🤍 Stay strong. (10:44pm)

Melissa- Teresa, begging me to come talk to her and meet [maybe she meant hear] her out (11:32pm)

Sunday, November 5th, 2023 – BravoCon Day 3:

G- Good morning Melissa Pfeister ☀️ I’m glad she reached out. Sorry I fell asleep and just now saw your text. Did you meet her? (7:47am)

How are you doing (3pm)

Melissa- Oh my gosh, G. Ahhhh this madness is so fucking insane! (8:45pm)

In Uber now going home! Have soooo much to tell you! (8:46pm)

Sunday, November 12, 2023:

Melissa- G, she doesn’t care about us. She cares to USE us for what she needs. But, as people, as friends, as ‘sisters’ … she does not give one shit (7:06pm)

G- So upsetting (7:10pm)

Melissa- I had a miscarriage, G. She didn’t ask me ONE TIME how I was doing. Knowing I’ve been trying to get pregnant. Not one fucking time. (7:11pm)

Instead, she and her husband annihilated me, crushed me. Screaming, yelling, degrading and humiliating me. My ‘friend,’ my ‘sister.’ (7:13pm)

G- She’s cold. I’m sorry you are going through this and beyond heartbroken you lost a baby 😔. She has given you every sign to prove she doesn’t care. So fucking wrong! You don’t deserve this. (7:26pm)

Melissa- Thank you, G. You have no idea how much that and you mean to me. Honestly, I can’t believe how badly it affected me. (8:29pm)

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023:

Melissa- Can you add on the post you made of my pics rockstar glam by the incredible @MakeUpByMarine (4:13pm)

She and Lindsey were my only saving graces during BravoCon fucking hell. (4:18pm)

Below is a tweet from Linsey regarding her experience with Melissa at BravoCon 2023. 

linsey tweet melissa pfeister miscarriage

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023:

G- Every time you talk about this you help so many. They open up and express their loss and everyone heals all around 🙏🏽 Talking about the loss really does help. (10:32pm)

How did Teresa respond? If she did at all🤦🏻‍♀️ (10:33pm)

Melissa- It was a joke. Not one second would she think that her and her husband’s disgusting vile piece of shit narcissistic actions had one ounce of contribution to what happened to me during that fucking hell of a weekend (10:40pm)

And essentially told me, yet again, I’m probably just not meant to have another [baby]. And to ‘not force it.’ (10:41pm)

Saturday, December 9th, 2023:

Melissa- I’m so disgusted by them. It’s not even funny ( 8:08am)

G- I keep saying to myself, it’s unbelievable the way they act but then again I’m seeing for myself so I definitely believe. So crazy. (8:24am)

Melissa- You hear what a lunatic he is screaming in the background? (8:39pm)

G- Yes! I can imagine how it was when he went in on you 😔 (8:42pm)


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