Content Warning: Revisit Melissa Pfeister’s Miscarriage That Lead To Her Fallout With Teresa Giudice

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CONTENT WARNING: miscarriage

Teresa Giudice‘s former friend/podcast partner, Melissa Pfeister, broke her silence on why she and the Real Housewives of New Jersey star are no longer friends … sort of.

Melissa acknowledged her podcast with Tre, Namaste B$tches, for the first time in months. Seemingly out of nowhere, the podcast ended and people wanted answers as to why. Melissa accused Teresa of spreading “terrible lies” about her, which she gave no further details on. Also, she mentioned a tragic miscarriage she suffered at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas. Melissa concluded her statement, “I could say a lot more of the other reasons I stepped away, but again, that’s not who I am or what I do.”

After hearing traces of nefarious stories online regarding Melissa’s miscarriage, I decided to dig deeper into her tragic loss. Let’s start with her Instagram post.

She wrote, “I had another miscarriage. My third one in a very short period of time. This one just recently happened while at BravoCon, right in the middle of meeting everyone attending and coming to our Namaste B$tches booth. I felt very sick and very off but you had to keep on going with the energy and excitement cause that weekend wasn’t about me, it was about all the people spending their hard earned money to be there.”

This is the part of Melissa’s post that stood out the most to me … the fact she felt alone, with her friend by her side.  “It was extremely hard too as most had their spouse or significant other, friends or family… I was there by myself. To go thru this and not being able to talk with anyone about it, well, once getting home I just continued not talking about it or trying to think about it.”

The podcast clip that Melissa paired with the above caption was from the Namaste Bitches podcast. Visibly devastated, Melissa detailed her miscarriage at BravoCon. Teresa told her friend, “I know it’s upsetting, but sometimes there’s a reason why. You should accept it. Sometimes if something’s not happening, you shouldn’t force it. Maybe you should adopt.”

File this under what NOT to say to someone who suffered a miscarriage.

If you choose to watch the following video, look at Melissa’s face when Teresa offers her ‘wisdom.’ (wis•dumb)


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Let’s move on to the Louie Ruelas of it:

Allegedly, Teresa’s husband, Louie, yelled at Melissa ahead of her miscarriage. A woman named Linsey was at the scene. “Louie 10000% yelled and berated Melissa Pfeister at BravoCon. I was there the entire time. Teresa did nothing to defend her so called friend. I would never accept my husband speaking that way to a woman.”

“I spent three days with Melissa and sat with her while she fucking cried and had a fucking miscarriage,” Linsey snapped at an online troll. She added that Melissa felt “silenced” by Teresa and Louie. “She’s not OK with it. She is being silenced and forced to say everything is OK and didn’t happen because Jim threatens her almost daily. Mark my words once the new season airs the podcast will be no more.”

Responding to a Bravo TV fan who asked, “Why would she travel if she’s pregnant or was undergoing IVF when she’s so high risk,” Linsey responded, “She didn’t know she was pregnant at the time because it was so early on. She was not undergoing IVF. Check your fucking facts before you talk shit about a fucking miscarriage!”  

This is the part of the story that doesn’t add up …

Melissa said in her IG caption that she was all alone while she miscarried. Does that mean the text messages from Linsey were fake? Melissa couldn’t be alone AND have Linsey at her side during the miscarriage, so someone is lying.

Do you have more insight into this shit show? Drop all your thoughts and opinions off in the comments.