Joe Gorga Claims Moms And Daughters Proposition Him “You Don’t Know What We’ll Do To You”

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Joe Gorga claimed that droves of women grope him and ask the Real Housewives of New Jersey personality to sign their private parts when they see him in person. During an appearance on the Sherri Shepherd Show, a seemingly annoyed Melissa Gorga smiled and laughed throughout the segment as her husband boasted about the attention he gets from female fans.

Joe is feeling himself:

Sherri Shepherd brought up Joe’s claim that women are physically more aggressive with him when Melissa isn’t around. “If I’m alone and they’re ready to take a picture, it’s touching, it’s grabbing, it’s ‘Can you sign this?’ (Joe gestures to lift his shirt,) ‘Can you sign this?’ (Joe gestures to his derriere.)”

“When I do my comedy shows, the moms and the daughters, they come and they go ‘You don’t know what we’ll do to you.’ And I’m like this, “(smacks lips repeatedly.)”

Melissa’s response:

The mother of three’s eyes have rolled all the way back in her head as she added, The female fans “are so respectful around me. I’m sure it’s not all [the ladies.] I’m sure he gets a couple and he’s blowing it up.”

Joe corrected her, “No, no. It’s not a couple.”

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Bravo TV fans react:

  • I always loved Joe Gorga. He’s hilarious. I think that’s part of why Teresa was so mad they joined the show. She couldn’t compete with her brother 😜
  • I’m so embarrassed for Joe. He really doesn’t understand that he’s the punchline
  • Joe Gorga.. they could never make me hate you!
  • Teresa is laughing her azz off at her brother’s delusion
  • I love these Melissa and Jo. The best part of Jersey housewives.
  • The men of RHONJ ruin the show for me. I don’t understand what is appealing about a bunch of drunks who look like hams. 🤮

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