Without naming names, Melissa disclosed her experience with the mother of four dorters daughters. “Regarding the podcast, people have made up some pretty terrible lies about it and me. She continued, “The truth is, I spent over two years of my life – with two kids under six – having another podcast [Side Piece] and being a nutritionist with my own business, creating and building Namaste B$tches.”

The busy mom/nutritionist/podcaster “worked on [Namaste B$tches] 24/7. And, after all that, there is no way I would ever do anything to ruin it or go after someone. That’s not who I am or how I roll. You can ask any of the 150-plus people I’ve interviewed and have an amazing relationship with.”

A cause of the feud:

Content warning: Miscarriage

Melissa shared a heartbreaking story of a tragic loss for her family. While attending Bravocon with Teresa last November, Melissa suffered her third miscarriage. In a social media post at the time, Melissa penned, “I kept the smile on my face. It was extremely hard too as most had their spouse or significant other, friends or family… I was there by myself.”

“To go through this and not being able to talk with anyone about it, well, once getting home I just continued not talking about it. But, then realized I would be lying to everyone on the podcasts by not being open and honest.” That goes against “the whole point of doing Side Piece & Namaste B$tches in the first place.”

Melissa concluded, “I could say a lot more of the other reasons I stepped away, but again, that’s not who I am or what I do.”

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