Garcelle Beauvais Hosts Two Of Her RHOBH Co-Stars For A Slumber Party In Beach House – Find Out Who!

garcelle beauvais new house rhobh slumber party

Garcelle Beauvais hosted her friends/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, Sutton Stracke and Jennifer Tilly over at her newly remodeled home for a slumber party.

Daily Mail had cameras stationed outside Garcelle’s home (creepy!) in the Oxnard Shores area of Ventura County  for a seven-person beachside dinner party on Friday night celebrating the actress’s remodeled $2.25 million home. “The following morning the production crew was long gone but the three makeup-free ladies were seen sitting together out front enjoying coffee, tea and various snacks while enjoying a laugh.”

Invasion of privacy, IMHO, but since it’s already out there:

It’s not like Garcelle, Jennifer, and Sutton were overheard at a cafe or the park. The women are sitting on Garcelle’s front porch.

Garcelle and Sutton sat in their pajamas on the porch swing. Jennifer sat beside them in a Gucci dress and sneakers. Jennifer showed photos from her phone to Garcelle. Sutton, interrupting saying, ‘Oh no, I hate that picture, don’t! I mean, I had just gotten off the flight I was so bloated I was retaining water, I mean I think I weighed 137 and I weigh 112 now.'”

Where were the other RHOBH cast members?

“Garcelle was heard laughingly telling a story about Erika Jayne and gesturing to her head.  ‘Remember she had like a shower cap on?’ She was also overheard saying, ‘I don’t think he’s gay, but I don’t think he knows what he wants.'”

“Sutton had a keen observation telling the girls, ‘Production should really be filming this, the morning after the party. People would want to see this.’ Garcelle and Jennifer told Sutton, ‘No! Don’t call them!'”

Notably absent were many of the ladies’ Bravo TV colleagues. While Erika’s name was mentioned, she didn’t make an appearance. Neither Kyle Richards nor Dorit Kemsley were present either. Currently, it is unknown if any of them were invited.

Are you excited to see Sutton and Garcelle’s friendship continue to blossom with Jennifer Tilly in the mix? Sound off below.