Cynthia Bailey And Kim Zolciak To Star In Hulu Reality Competition Show ‘Got To Get Out’

cynthia bailey kim zolciak rhoa hulu got to get out new show

Cynthia Bailey and Kim Zolciak are reuniting to reality tv. TMZ reported the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum are slated to star in an upcoming Hulu competition show that could add many zeros to their bank account. Lord knows Kim needs it!

According to sources from production, “Kim and Cynthia are part of the cast on ‘Got to Get Out,’ a reality TV game show. The show will feature a mix of celebs and civilians living in a house and jockeying for money. The tabloid was told “Kim, Cynthia and their fellow castmates — including Spencer Pratt — arrived in Toronto to begin 10 days of filming. It was also leaked “producers reached out to their former cast member NeNe Leakes. However, we’re told she ultimately turned down the offer.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • It should be called the desperados
  • Kim & Nene Would Have Been Better
  • Cynthia, yes! Kim, no. Ugh please let her spotlight dim
  • Who’s asking for this 🤔 👀 😏 😑
  • I swear yall love messy GARBAGE TV “SHOWS” 😕
  • stop it… cynt is on another class level, just why stoop lower for views. just go back to RHOA. leave kim for the streets
  • Cynthia 👍 Kim 👎
  • I’m actually so excited for this 💀

About Hulu’s new show:

Wheelhouse’s new social experiment competition series, Got to Get Out, “will showcase participants vying for a cash prize that increases by $1 each second they’re in the game.” continued, while living in a mansion for 10 days, the contestants will “compete in physical and mental challenges.” As they play, “more money will be added to ‘the pot,’ with up to $1 million at stake.”

“Upon completing the series, participants will be given two choices. They can choose to take an equal share of prize money, or they can attempt to steal it all for themselves. To steal the pot, they’ll have to escape the mansion via its front gate. But, in this game, getting out is easier said than done.”

Randomly, the gate will open and a getaway car will appear. Contestants will have the opportunity to attempt to leave with ‘the pot.’ They can also block other players’ attempted exits. Got to Get Out will blend a combination of physical/mental challenges, social dynamics and evolving alliances.

Are you excited for Kim Z and Cynthia to reunite? Does Hulu’s new show appeal to you? Drop all your thoughts below.