Rumor: Jeff Lewis Heard Crappie Lake Was Cancelled Due To Sonja Morgan’s Drinking

sonja morgan drinking crappie lake jeff lewis

Jeff Lewis heard a rumor that Sonja Morgan‘s drinking on Welcome To Crappie Lake was the cause of the show not getting renewed. Based the iconic Real Housewives of New York star’s messy appearance on Watch What Happens Live’s 15 Anniversary Episode, its not a surprise her drinking is potentially affecting her professionally.

Bless this mess:

The star of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis was “annoyed” with Sonja during the special WWHL episode. “I believe they did a lot of work to edit her obnoxious drunk behavior.” Jeff also noted Sonja was 20x worse in person! “She never stopped talking – she was belligerent, rude, disrespectful, confrontational. I was completely turned off by her behavior.”  

“I don’t think she could make it to the after party.” The former Bravo TV personality continued, “I watched her behavior and thought to myself, ‘This has got to affect your career. When you show up at a professional event and act like this, how can this not affect your career?'”

“What I found out recently – it is a rumor – one of the reasons Crappie Lake was not renewed was not because it wasn’t successful for [Peacock]. It was because of [Sonja] and her behavior. So, it has affected her professionally. I think people really like her and are rooting for her. But, there is a point in time when it isn’t funny anymore. She needs to clean up her act. I was annoyed.”

Sonja has beef with Jeff:

While Jeff isn’t exactly sure of the catalyst of Sonja’s issue with him, a fan theory said it was over Jeff captioning ‘messy’ on a photo of the woman whose name is in the Morgan letters.

“She came for me at the break. ‘I only hate one person more than you.’ Here I am having the best time and I got this woman coming for me. Accusing me of something I don’t recall doing and I don’t think I did do. After the show, she was in my face and kept wanting to talk about it. Finally, one of the Bravo executives came over and literally pulled her away from me.”

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In case you missed it:

Jeff Lewis has been in hot water with Bravoholics after he called Danielle Cabral’s ‘Boujie Kidz’ brand for “white trash kids.” The former Flipping Out star doubled down, “I would never dress my kid in that. Never. No. They would turn her [Monroe] away at the gates of her school.”

Fans weren’t happy with Jeff’s superiority complex. “Jeff is a Karen,” wrote a Bravo TV fan. Another wrote, “Its for kids stop it!” A third person added, “The whole ‘white trash trailer kids’ I find disturbing. ***LET KIDS BE KIDS***”

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