Captain Lee Rosbach “Begrudgingly” Does Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Superbowl Math

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From the sea to the sky:

Below Deck icon, Captain Lee Rosbach, “begrudgingly” weighed in on the question boggling the minds of many sports fans and Swifties alike …

Will Taylor Swift make it from her concert in Tokyo to Las Vegas in time to see Travis Kelce play the Superbowl?!?!

The math is mathing:

“Let’s break this down,” began the former Bravo TV personality on an episode of his ‘Salty‘ podcast.

Taylor has “made over a billion – that’s with a ‘B’ – that’s a thousand million. That’s what she’s grossed on her concert tour,” explained Bravo’s Boat Daddy.

Captain Lee reasoned, “She does have her own jet and it is trans-Atlantic.”

“Even if they did have to stop for refueling, it would take a half hour – an hour at the most.”

“I’m sure her jet is big enough to where she can get her little pillow and her little blankie.”

Don’t forget, Tokyo is a day ahead of PST, so Taylor is literally going back in time.

“She can curl up and have dreams of Travie running into the end zone just dance through her head all the while she’s sleeping on her way to” Superbowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Check it out:

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