Brody Jenner Was Admittedly "So Stoked" The Hills: New Beginnings Got Cancelled

"There was a lot of manipulation involved."

June 28, 2022 1:28pm

Today is where Brody‘s book begins…

The Hills: New Beginnings babe, Brody Jenner, didn’t hesitate on sharing his excitement that his tenure on the lackluster MTV reboot has ended after only two seasons.

In an exclusive interview with People, Brody explained his time on TH:NB “felt very forced and pushed” which is why he was “so stoked” the show wrapped, again.

What went wrong?

Brody confessed, “To be honest, it just wasn’t the same experience. It was very stressful. There was a lot of manipulation involved. It was just a lot.”

It appears to me that Brody got bait-and-switched by the suits at MTV.

“I was at a completely different point in my life and what I was sold on, on the show in general, was not what they were producing.”

“They had told us in the beginning that, ‘Hey, we’re going to do a new Hills, and we want you guys to be on, but we’re going to hire a new, younger cast.’ They said that they were going to hire the new, younger cast like they’re doing now when they originally grabbed us. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ They’re going to hire a new, younger cast, ‘You guys will come in as the OGs. It’s not going to be focused and centered around you guys.'”


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