The Bachelorette's Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Broke Up

They "have been fighting a lot recently" primarily "over lifestyle preferences."

February 16, 2021 2:22pm


Updated 2/16/2021 @14:22

Former Bachelorette Clare Crawley was seen with her former fiancé, Dale Moss, in Venice California on February 16, 2021.

Twitter’s @RealitySteve shared candid photos of the couple that split less than a month ago shaking Bachelor Nation to their core.

Do you think it will last this time around?

Original post published 1/19/2021 @16:08

The most dramatic twist in Bachelor Nation history…

Season 16’s first Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, and her fiancé, Dale Moss, broke up.

E! News scored an exclusive with a source who spilled, “Clare and Dale have been fighting a lot recently. They are mainly in disagreement over lifestyle preferences. Dale wants to be in a lively city and focus on his career, and Clare is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom. It’s been very tense recently between them.”


The former NFL star took to Instagram to share the news.


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The former future Mrs. Moss is busy in Sacramento caring for her mother.

The season 16 star took to Instagram to write, “I’m so thankful to be able to see my mom in person now. I get so emotional because this time is precious and I know means everything to both of us, especially as her mind is slipping away and her body is getting weaker. I try and sing and laugh to add a little sunshine to her day, even if it’s only for the 20 minutes they allow. I love it. She has good days and bad, Just like we all do. Well today I couldn’t hide my hard day. A mother always knows. Without saying a word, she reached in her pocket and pulled out this tissue and just squeezed my hand. ❤️”


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The super sleuths of the ‘gram saw it coming:

Life & Style reported, “It all started when the hairstylist and the former NFL star were staying with Dale’s cousin, who goes by Debo Mills on Instagram, in his home state of South Dakota on Wednesday, January 13. During the family time, eagle-eyed fans noticed Clare and Dale’s cousin had unfollowed each other on Instagram.”

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