Anthony Michael Hall Explains Why He Didn’t Appear In Andrew McCarthy’s ‘Brats’ Documentary

brats documentary anthony michael hall

The Brats documentary on Amazon Prime created by “Brat Pack” member Andrew McCarthy featured all your favorite teen/young adult actors and actresses of the 1980s. From Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe to Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy, cast members from films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club reunited to discuss the impact of a 1985 article in New York Magazine that gave the young talent the degrading moniker.

Anthony Michael Hall (who starred in the above films as well as Pretty In Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire) was noticeably absent from the documentary. In an interview with TV Insider, Anthony gave his perspective on revisiting the past. “I was asked to be a part of it, but you know what, I’ll tell you my attitude is you have to wish everyone success.”

“It was just something I chose not to do because I’m always trying to move forward and make new things and do new stuff. The truth is, I’ve had to embrace the John Hughes period of my life all my career, and I’m happy to do so, obviously, as I’ve hopefully relayed here. It’s never been an issue for me. But I also think time has taught me you have to wish everyone success.”