Tiger King's 'Hot Nanny' Masha Diduk Arrested After Stealing A $5K Candleabra From Vegas Nightclub

"[Masha] was seen leaving the casino, wearing [the candelabra] on her forearm like an accessory."

January 10, 2022 7:25am

This was NOT on my 2022 bingo card…

Masha Diduk, Jeff Lowe‘s ‘hot nanny’ from Netflix‘s Tiger King, was arrested in Las Vegas for stealing a $5,000 candelabra.

Sticky fingers:

TMZ obtained a police report stating, “back in July, security at the Wynn hotel in Vegas watched surveillance footage showing a woman pilfering a candelabra from a private dining room in a club on the property. Moments later she was seen leaving the casino, wearing it on her forearm like an accessory.”

Case closed:

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