Tamra Judge Clarifies Fan Misconceptions About Her Friendships With Shannon Beador And Alexis Bellino

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Tamra Judge claims she had a conversation with Shannon Beador after she was arrested for a DUI, which is contrary to what Shannon said on the preview for season 18 of Real Housewives of Orange County. Tammy Sue also commented on reconciling her friendship with Alexis Bellino.

Tamra on her relationship with Shannon:

In a social media exchange, an RHOC fan called out the former CUT Fitness owner for not being loyal to Shannon in her time of need. “Tamra took that incident and ran with it to make it a storyline. A true friend would tell Shannon this behind cameras and then tell her she needs help and still be there for her.”

Tamra jumped into the comments to tease the 18th season of RHOC. “Stay tuned. You haven’t seen everything yet.” Contradicting what Shannon said in the preview, Tamra did reach out to her after her arrest. “I did tell her in private – right after the DUI – that this was a wake up call and she needed help. But, she turned on me because she didn’t like what I had to say.”

Tamra on her relationship with Alexis:

Another Bravoholic chimed in to politely put Tamra in check. “I love you. But, you kind of turned on [Shannon] when you became friends with Jesus Jugs. Let’s not forget the disgusting and disrespectful things she said to you at the season 10 reunion about your baptism.”

Tamra clarified the fan’s misconception. “Not true. I made up with Alexis at BravoCon, before she even met John [Janssen]. I was still friends with Shannon when I reconciled with Alexis. Also, I’m not the type of person who holds a grudge over an email from 2015.”

Season 18 of RHOC returns July 11th at 9pm on Bravo TV.

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