Schwartz & Sandy’s Restaurant Review

schwartz and sandy's restarurant review

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz‘s sophomore restaurant venture, Schwartz & Sandy’s was a full sensory experience. Fans of Vanderpump Rules recall the Toms’ focus on the lounge’s decor and overall vibe, so I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of detail and care put into the food at the restaurant and bar.

taste of reality schwartz & sandy's


My husband and I drove from Las Vegas to West Hollywood on Wednesday, May 22 for a day-long VanderDate. The plan was to enjoy sandwiches at Something About Her on its opening day, check in and relax at Hotel Ziggy for a few hours before our 9pm reservation at Schwartz & Sandy’s. In reality, the night played out quite differently.


It’s no secret Schwartz & Sandy’s was heavily trolled after Sandoval was caught cheating on his life partner, Ariana Madix, with her ‘close friend,’ Rachel Leviss for six months. Still, one year post-Scandoval, the restaurant had a very strict cancelation policy. While there is no cancellation fee if parties cancel before 8:00pm the evening prior to their reservation, credit cards will be charged a fee of $40.00 per guest if they no-show. “Any waiver of the fee is at the sole discretion of the restaurant.”

My husband didn’t wake up from ‘disco nap’ at Hotel Ziggy, so I ventured to Schwartz & Sandy’s on my own. Knowing I was going to enjoy some cocktails, I took a Lyft, which cost $24.88 before tip. The 5 mile drive took 17 minutes at 8:40pm.


Located at 1917 N Bronson in Los Angeles, the location’s energy felt much different than the other VPR restaurants. My surroundings became less and less charming after leaving Hotel Ziggy. A chill ran down my spine as my Lyft passed a monstrous Church of Scientology, which is adjacent to Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s “funkadelic dive lounge.”

The location did not meet the vibe check.



Upon stepping into the the lounge, the neighborhood’s ick vanished. I was politely greeted by an understanding host who didn’t hold my husband sleeping through our reservation against me. They asked if I would rather sit at the bar than a table, which was perfect.

After waiting in an shockingly long line for a sandwich I never got and seeing Ariana and Katie’s overflow crowd The Abbey, it was alarming to see how few people were at Schwartz & Sandy’s. I don’t think a dozen people visited in the 75 minutes I spent there. Keep in mind, this was 9pm on a Wednesday night.

It’s a shame, because Schwartz & Sandy’s was a whole ass mood. If you have to wait for a table, the Toms created a bitchin’ waiting area that gave the energy of a wacky grandma’s living room.

I feel like this wallpaper could be very polarizing, but I, for one, love it. As a tactile girlie, I loved all of the different fabrics and textures spiraled around the space.

There was a china hutch filled with Pump Rules regalia … including bottles of  Toms’ Good Lovin’ small batch whiskey and Ken-spired dolls of Tom and Tom. 

I’d also like to note that the restroom at Schwartz & Sandy’s has an amazing lighting/mirror situation. Yes, I was feeling myself.


I finally made my way to the bar and was met by Max Boyens, my bartender/server for the night. I asked for drink and food recommendations from the season 8 VPR cast member, and Max nailed both!

max boyens schwartz & sandy's

Since I already enjoyed a Mezcal cocktail at The Abbey, I decided to stick with the oven-cooked agave liquor. Schwartz & Sandy’s $17 ‘Wendy Peppercorn’ features Mezcal, watermelon, nonino l’aperitivo, lime, agave, pink peppercorn. The sweet watermelon balanced the smokiness of the mezcal nicely. The pink peppercorns hit at the end of each sip, which was a nice transition to my main course.


I’d come back for the butternut squash cacio e pepe without hesitation. For $24, diners get a hearty serving of bucatini pasta, roasted squash, garlic confit, pink peppercorns, finished with grated pecorino.

With one bite, I knew the pasta dough had been freshly rolled. Max told me that the Toms’ restaurant partner, Greg Morris, owns a neighboring restaurant with a chef who makes the pasta on-site who supplies Schwartz & Sandy’s pasta.

The perfectly prepared al dente noodles were paired with cubed butternut squash which provided the dish with another texture. The sharpness of the sheep’s milk cheese cut through the richness of the squash making this an entree I couldn’t stop eating.

Like the ‘Wendy Peppercorn’ cocktail, the butternut squash cacio e pepe had a peppery finish. I can’t recommend this pairing enough.

schwartz & and sandy's butternut squash cacio e pepe

The music inside Schwartz & Sandy’s slapped. I later learned that Tom Schwartz curated the 80’s pop music playlist that featured iconic artists like George Michael, INXS, and Prince.

In summation:

I had a great time at Schwartz & Sandy’s. The food was excellent, my cocktail was delicious, and the staff was fantastic. As much as I enjoyed my time there, the location is a huge deterrent for me. If I was already in the area, I’d definitely head back to Schwartz & Sandy’s. Otherwise, it’s hard to justify the trek.

I’d make a special trip back out to Franklin Village if Tom Schwartz hosted watch parties, did meet-and-greets, or if they would have James Kennedy DJing … especially knowing I could have the caccio e pepe again!

taste of reality schwartz and sandy's

In a nutshell … If you’re in Franklin Village, come to Schwartz & Sandy’s. Unless you’re doing the FULL Vanderpump Rules restaurant experience, I’d just stay in WeHo and enjoy TomTom/Pump rather than coming out this far.

Would you dine/drink at Schwartz & Sandy’s? Did anything on the menu look good to you? Am I a total perv because I couldn’t stop thinking of Max boning Katie Maloney every time I looked at him? Drop your thoughts off in the comments.