Tom Schwartz Revealed Threat Of A Shooting Post-Scandoval at Schwartz & Sandy’s

schwartz and sandy's threat gun

A threat of gun violence at Schwartz & Sandy’s!

During an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Tom Schwartz revealed an alleged threat that rocked the restaurant he is a micro-share holder in with Tom Sandoval, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

“Face to face, people are lovely,” began the Vanderpump Rules star; however, “Groupthink is dangerous” described Tom of the aftermath of Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix with her ‘friend,’ Rachel Leviss.

Schwartz described “the mob mentality online when people get together.”

“In peak [Scandoval], people were graffitiing the bathrooms.”

Schwartz exposed, “We had to close one night” because of a gun violence threat.

“Someone called in and made a veiled threat … I don’t know if I want to say it … like shooting the place up or something.”

“It was, like, mania. People lost their minds.”

Bravo TV fans react to the threat of gun violence Schwartz discussed:

  • That’s just awful I’m glad they took it seriously and closed down
  • The place was a joke from day 1
  • Well everything that’s going on it Tom fault. Im not saying its right, anyone Job is off limits. You can not like both of them but leave there place of business alone, along with the employees.
  • He’s a liar! Who knows if that’s more of these two liars’ bullshit

Listen to the gun violence threat at Schwartz & Sandy’s here:


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In case you missed it:

Around the time Schwartz claimed the threat of gun violence, the Yelp reviews from Schwartz & Sandy’s post-Scandoval were savage.

“This is not a restaurant, it’s a train station that serves sloppy seconds. Zero stars.”

“Roach infested. Felt very CHEATED when I saw the bill whoever picked, the decor is going through a midlife crisis.”

“The atmosphere was dingy, the owners were so rude, and the food was barely edible at best. I didn’t see a roach only a very desperate looking lady at the bar, taking selfies in her TomTom shirt.”

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