RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Discusses 2012 DUI In Bad Mormon Memoir

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Bad Mormon:

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s Heather Gay opened up for the first time about her 2012 DUI arrest in her new book, Bad Mormon.

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the former Mormon admitted she “never told a soul. Not a single soul” about her arrest.

“That’ll be a complete shock to [my family],” elaborated Heather, “but it’ll probably be par for the course.”

She explained that Mormons “believe that if you do not follow all of the rules, your life will fall apart and you have no promise.”

Arrest deets:

The Beauty Lab + Laser founder recalled her 2012 arrest that happened after celebrating a friend’s birthday.

“I was naive and I was numbing out, which turned out to be dangerous, and, in my case, criminal, combination.”

The mother of three was fortunate in that she did not hurt herself or anyone else while driving under the influence, but she lucked out again … her DUI charge was later reduced to reckless driving.

“It felt like a horrible black mark on my soul.”

Doubting her own character, she wondered, “Maybe I truly was a bad seed.”

Heather knew she “didn’t want to do terrible things” and “wanted to repent of it immediately” which is why she confided solely in her “bishop at church.”

Shame spiral:

I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel that Heather’s reunion admittance of the amount of shame she felt seems more authentic.

As a former Catholic, I understand that religious guilt is real and can feel very Game of Thronesesque.


Called out:

ICYMI, Lisa Barlow revealed Heather’s run-in with the law during the RHOSLC season 2 reunion.

Baby Gorgeous asked Heather to talk about “your DUI,” but Heather relied on semantics to change the conversation.

Heather clarified, “I don’t have one [a DUI]! Look it up,” which is technically true as it was reduced to reckless driving.

Do you think Bravoholics will be more forgiving of Heather’s reason for hiding her drunken blackout (which resulted in a black eye) knowing her past experience with drinking too much? Sound off below.