Rachel Leviss Took To Her Pod To “Name ‘Em” … Those Who Knew About Her Affair With Tom Sandoval

rachel name em

Rachel Leviss paid homage to Sutton Stracke‘s “Name ’em” when she announced the list of people she claimed knew of her affair with Tom Sandoval¬†behind Ariana Madix‘s back.

The former Vanderpump Rules star began, “Some of our mutual friends have known about this affair while it was going on,” on an episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast.

“I want to clear the air on who those people were and whether or not I know for certain that they knew [she was Sandoval’s mistress]. There were instances where it was pretty undeniable. So. let’s go through that list.”


“Obviously, number one is [Tom] Schwartz. He has known from the very beginning. We already know that because I’ve already dropped that bomb.”

“But, maybe people don’t realize or have suspected, but Kyle Chan has also known. Kyle Chan has been a good friend of Tom’s for quite some time and he was and he was one of the people that was trying to talk some sense into Tom.”

Rachel continued to name ’em. “Next, Jason Bader, is Tom Sandoval’s drummer and band manager. You have seen him on Tom Sandoval’s podcast. He has also known [of Scandoval]. It just goes to the double standard of Tom was allowed to tell his best friends, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody. And, if I did, he was not happy with me. So, just a reminder to everyone, that is not love.”

“All right, next. Max Boyens [who was fired from VPR after racially insensitive tweets surfaced]. I don’t know the extent of what he knew about the affair, but Max Boyens was one of the people that we would meet up with regularly at one of the dive bars by Tom Sandoval’s house,” elaborated the former Bravo TV¬†personality. “He didn’t ask any questions, but it was an often thing that we would meet up. It would be hard for me to think that he didn’t have an inkling of knowledge that this was going on.”

The last three names feel especially icky:

Rachel proceeds to Name ’em.

“This one’s a little sus because Tom and I, we were very reckless and stupid and we … snuck off. I don’t even know if I want to [give] these details, but basically, Tom and I were cuddling in the social media room which is downstairs of their house. There was a party going on an Ariana’s best friend Logan Cochran walked into the social media room and he was like, ‘Oh,ok.’ and we were just, like, cuddling on the floor. We were clothed in everything. There wasn’t a blanket or anything. It was just us looking at each other because I thought I was in love. But, Logan walked in on us and he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m really messed up. OK, bye.’ then he left.”

The former beauty pageant contestant noted that Logan is “Ariana’s best friend,” so she was confident “that got back to Ariana.”

Rachel continued to name ’em, unfortunately for Ariana, it was another of her close friends.”

“Logan is also close with Brad [Kearns]. I don’t think Brad really knew the extensive of it, but I’m sure as things started coming out, it was, like, easy to piece these things together.”

Lastly, Rachel explained how seeing Sandoval’s mom, Terri Green, in St. Louis felt different than when they met in LA. “He was, like, bringing me to the house. I honestly felt like I was his girlfriend.”

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What are your thoughts on Rachel dropping a “Name ’em” list of friends who knew about Scandoval?