Patricia Altschul Shades The Kardashians’ Butts While Giving Beauty Tips To Octogenarian Women

patricia altschul beauty tips big butt kardashian

After posting six beauty tips for octogenarian women, Southern Charm‘s Patricia Altschul jumped on an opportunity to throw shade at the Kardashian family.

Bless their hearts …

Keeping Up With Patricia Altschul:

The Southern Charm matron responded to a fan’s comment that brought the Kardashians – and their derrieres – into the chat. In response to Patricia’s beauty recommendations, a fan wrote, “You are so right, Ms. PAT. Tell this to the Kardashians. You are in a class all by yourself [and] that’s a great thing. Love you!”

Patricia responded, “And who wants big butts anyway.”

**Did this give anyone else, ‘Oh My God. Becky, look at her butt‘ vibes?!?!**

Bravo TV fans react to Patricia Altschul’s ‘butt’ comment:

  • tell this to all the girlz walking around with BBLs
  • 😂😂 you say all of the things we want to, so I hope everyone appreciates your candor and honesty as I do! You are looking 💜 gorgeous as always!
  • zero lies detected
  • The Kardashians are prob so happy someone is still talking about them
  • Timeless. You are beautiful!

Here are Patricia’s tips for “old ladies over 80”:

(We are taking notes, btw)
  1. Your eyebrows frame your face so tint and groom them. Scraggly white eyebrows scream “old crone.”
  2. Cover upper arms and thighs… Crepe Erase doesn’t work, I can attest to that.
  3. Avoid red lipstick that bleeds into the cracks, unless you’re inspired by “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”
  4. Get a good bra to hike up those girls. Nothing looks more matronly than saggy boobs.
  5. Big jewelry distracts from aging hands… And my motto with jewelry is always the bigger the better.
  6. And for God’s sake don’t puff your lips up like a blowfish (this one applies to any age).

New episodes of The Kardashians drop weekly at midnight ET on Hulu, while season 10 of Southern Charm won’t premiere until later in 2024.

Drop your opinion of Patricia’s beauty tips and her Kardashian shade in the comments.