Lala Kent Preferred Using A Sperm Donor Than Conceiving With Randall Emmett

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Lala Kent slammed Randall Emmett for being a bad lover after getting pregnant via a sperm donor and IUI –  intrauterine insemination.

The outspoken Vanderpump Rules star couldn’t resist poking fun at her first baby daddy because conceiving with Randall was less “pleasurable” than the donor/IUI process. “I was very excited when it was time to pick the sperm. This is the funnest shopping I’ve ever done.” Also, “The most expensive, but the funnest.”

Sperm talk and Randall shade by Lala:

Lala agreed “100” that this method of getting pregnant was “sexier than sleeping with Randall. I literally think, ‘How did you do that?’ In my mind it’s like a trauma response. Going the donor route and how this baby was much more pleasurable than how Ocean was conceived. Throwing size shade, Lala added, “It was way bigger” this time around.

“In Ariana [Madix]‘s words [from the VPR10 reunion] being fucked with a cheese grater would be better than having sex with my ex again.” Breaking the fourth wall, Lala approved production keeping her controversial commentary in the final edit. “Feel free to keep all of this in.”

Lala’s sperm donor … aka, not Randall:

“When you’re looking for your donor, there’s a really large profile on them. He said he was extremely close to his dad and the reasoning and then what he wanted to tell his future children. You know, he could go out and have a family of his own one day. I’m the only person who has just his ‘goods,’ but he could have kids on his own.”

Lala noted that “what he wanted tell his kids, it just hit me. It felt right. This is the donor. I also liked the fact that that he has green eyes, wavy blondish hair, he was 6’2, and his voice.” She joked, “I be having to go find this boy.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Randall was more than a sperm donor to Lala , he was her atm
  • ‘You F a fat man because he pays ur rent’ – James Kennedy, reader supreme 😂
  • But yet Ariana needs to let go of HER anger? 😂
  • She needs to remember that her daughter will see these comments one day. His other daughters could see these comments now- maybe hold back just a bit for their sakes.
  • She’s talking about her IUI process yet still references Ariana. Weird behavior
  • I just listened to her memoir and how she just went on and on about how it was the best sex of her life and that they were made for each other and I was like hmmmmm so hearing this was whiplash


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What’s your opinion of Lala preferring a sperm donor over Randall?