VPR’s Lala Kent Reveals If ‘Pasta’ Was Code For ‘Cocaine’

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Is it about the pasta?

Lala Kent, gives insight into the rumor that ‘pasta’ is code for ‘cocaine’ from season 6 episode 7 of Vanderpump Rules.

“So many people asked me, like they thought for so long, that I did all of Raquel’s cocaine.”

“They were like, ‘Pasta is blow. They’re upset because Lala did all of Raquel and James’ blow.'”

A red herring:

[Bravo TV] producers wanted something else brought up. I did not feel comfortable about bringing that up, so what did I do? … I tried to just say something to kind of steer in a different direction.”

Lala’s “different direction” was intended to “laugh it off.”

“We were gonna change the trajectory of the conversation away from where [producers] wanted it to go. I didn’t feel right about having it go where they wanted to go and it went in an even more chaotic and better direction.”

Blame it on Mary Jane:

According to Lala she “smoked an entire blunt [while] Raquel was working” the night of the infamous “pasta” scene.

Rachel said Lala “can have some of my food while I’m working.”

“I ate it all,” continued the controversial VPR personality.

Rachel [formerly Raquel] “was popping in and out and taking bites and I’m here stoned as a motherfucker and I just ate the whole thing.”

“It was pasta,” not cocaine.

“I’ve never done cocaine in my entire life” elaborated the Give Them Lala founder. “I have smoked weed and I did mushrooms one time when I first moved out to LA. It was freaking awesome.”

See for yourself:

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