Kissing Rachel Leviss was Tom Schwartz’s “Biggest Regret of VPR”


Tom Schwartz reveals his biggest regret while filming Vanderpump Rules was his season 10 kiss with Rachel Leviss.

The Vanderpump Rules star played a round of Cheap Shots with Cosmopolitan, answering burning fan questions, and playing Vanderpump Rules trivia.


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In the first round, the TomTom owner refuted Jax Taylor’s allegation that anything filmed after season 6 was scripted. To back up his claim, Tom Schwartz maintains that he’s never fabricated a storyline for the sake of the cameras. Although, he may have lied, or covered up the truth, a time or two. (*cough* Scandoval *cough*)

So yes, as sad as it is to say, the Schwartz and Rachel storyline was true.

“It was real,” Schwartz begins. “But I got to say, it was probably one of my biggest regrets in the history of the show.”

The infamous kiss heard round the world occurred during Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ Mexican nuptials. What made the kiss so unpalatable for viewers was the agreement between Schwartz and his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, to not hook up within the friend group.

It appears the “romantic table” Leviss and Schwartz were sitting at presented itself as the perfect springboard for one awkward kiss.

“It felt awkward, we had no chemistry, there was lots of alcohol involved, and I don’t know, it kind of felt right in the moment but immediately afterward it just felt forced.”

Of course, soon after the kiss, Leviss went from one Tom to the next – ushering in the Scandoval era.

“It was one of my least favorite kisses, no disrespect to Rachel.”

Although, Sandoval’s opinion of Rachel’s kisses might be a little different. Cut to their seven-month long affair!

Watch Tom Schwartz on Cheap Shots, below!

Are you surprised that Tom Schwartz’s biggest regret on Vanderpump Rules was his kiss with Rachel Leviss?