Brittany Cartwright Slams Jax Taylor For Implying She Has “A Friggin’ Drinking Problem”

jax taylor brittany cartwright drinks too much the valley

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright took their marital drama from The Valley to their podcast, When Reality Hits. The estranged couple – who live apart but still podcast together – discussed the hibachi party Brittany had to leave due to an upset stomach.

Condescendingly, Jax inquired, “Do you think it was a smart idea to drink that drink if you were going to get sick?” An obviously annoyed Brittany replied, “I didn’t know I was going to get sick. I hadn’t had a single drink all day. So, all I did was take a saki shot that everybody at the table had. I thought I would be ok just from having one little sip.”

Like a dog with a bone, the terminated Vanderpump Rules personality kept picking at his baby mama. “You know in your past drinking stuff like that doesn’t agree with your stomach.” Brittany snapped, “I hadn’t had anything else to drink that entire day or the day before, so I didn’t think that having one little of that was going to affect my stomach the way it did. Just like champagne, wine, anything like that.”

“So, going forward,” pressed Jax, “You should probably never drink anything else again other than tequila” which Brittany noted doesn’t make her sick.

That’s when Brit hit ‘the brim of frickin out‘:

“You made it look like I had a drinking problem on a friggin’ national television show. I’m serious, like, you have to address these things. It’s not ok.” Transitioning from airing Brittany’s dirty laundry from a tv audience to a podcast audience, Jax clapped back. “I’m not saying you have a drinking problem, but there’s times where it’s a lot.”

“How about the nights you go out all night and don’t come home and have ragers and stay out til 6am and are horribly hungover the next day? It’s just not very nice to put this outlook on somebody who is your wife. I don’t appreciate that.”

Jax proves to be a lousy husband:

Brittany attempted to lighten the mood and say that she was ultimately upset that she missed out on game night. Jax babbled, “that’s the reason why I was really mad because this was a couple thing and you had to bow out. I’m stuck by myself. It was just kind of like this was a whole plan for couples so, it was kind of frustrating to me. I have a right to be frustrated.”

“You also need to help somebody if they’re feeling sick,” explained Brittany. “Anytime you’re sick I’ll do everything for you. I just hope that you see these things when you’re watching back.” Jax, playing victim, asked if this was going to be a “drag Jax” podcast. Brittany shut Jax down adding, “no, I’m watching the same show that everyone else is watching. It’s sad to see.”

Jax disengaged from the conversation stating, “I wouldn’t change anything, to be honest.”

If you or anyone you know may have a problem with alcohol, there’s help.  Go to or call 988.