Jax Taylor Calls Lala Kent’s Water Tasting A “Dead End” For Vanderpump Rules

jax dead water vpr

Jax Taylor threw major shade at Lala Kent‘s water tasting on Vanderpump Rules … even calling it a “dead end” for the show.

Jax disses VPR for hitting a dead end with the water tasting:

The controversial star of The Valley asked, “How do you know when Vanderpump has literally hit a dead end and have nothing to talk about anymore?”

“They have a water tasting,” responded Jax to his own question, giving major ‘Thank you. You’re welcome‘ Denise Richards vibes.

“What the actual fuck?!”

Bravo TV fans react to Jax’s shade:

  • not jason cauchi hating from outside the club!!
  • Same man who said the valley is HIS show, he came up with the idea 😑 no one gives af what this man child says 😂
  • Still not #1 guy on VPR jax.
  • Biggest crime of 2024: Bravo letting Jax back on the tv.
  • Name one person who values Jax’s opinion, I’ll wait 😆
  • Respect peoples sobriety. Tone def much?
  • He’s on the Golden Girls version of VPR. Sir, grab a Centrum Silver and simmer down.

Jax called Lala’s water tasting a dead end for VPR:

In case you missed it:

Before Jax threw shade at Lala’s water tasting being a dead end for VPR, Lala poked the bear. It’s very likely Jax ridiculed Lala’s event because she advised his wife, Brittany Cartwright, to “leave” him during a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Lala began, Brittany is “one of my dearest friends, so I knew things were not great” with her and Jax. Ocean’s mom told her friend, “I support you, but I always say, LEAVE HIM!”

In regards to the rumors of Jax and Brittany separating for ratings, Lala told Andy Cohen,

“They don’t need any help with promo,” joked Lala. “They’re all a hot mess.”

The cast doesn’t “need separations.”

Do you think Jax has a point about Pump Rules hitting a dead end with the water tasting?