Dorinda Medley Misses Being On RHONY

“I was a great housewife. I brought it!”

February 9, 2021 1:49pm

Bravo may have put a CLIP on Dorinda Medley for Real Housewives of New York‘s 13th season, but that’s not stopping the former real housewife from opening up about her life post-housewives.

Dorinda dished to Us Weekly that she “of course” misses being part of Bravo‘s juggernaut reality show, but she has “no hard feelings” for being let go. In fact, the fan favorite from living her best life-even during covid.

Dorinda’s mom helped her process her future NOT on Bravo.

“My mother said to me when the whole thing happened with Housewives, ‘Sometimes God does for you that what you cannot do for yourself,’” Dorinda explained.

“And it’s been a blessing to have the time off, because every once in a while, it’s important to stop reset, think, regroup. Because we get lost, right? Lost in whatever this is: Housewife fame. The city. Wants, desires.”

RHONY reflections:

After being let go, “I was very quiet because I don’t have any bad feelings about it. I think everything has a time and a place.” Dorinda elaborated, “And I think that that was their decision. Things change and you have to accept change. And a lot of times, if you sit quietly and you wait, it ends up being the best thing for you.”

In retrospect, the mother of one “really enjoyed” being a part of  a show that “let the audience see me just as I am.”

“You could love me. You can hate it. I am an authentic person. Like you’ve met me in real life. I’m not really different in real life than I am on the show. So, I’ve really grown to respect myself for that. Like me, hate me. I’m doing Dorinda Medley. And I always make it nice.”

“I was a great housewife. I brought it!”

A ‘beautiful reset:’

It’s “really nice just to kind of reset and find Dorinda again. Not Dorinda the Housewife. Not Dorinda, John Dan’s daughter. Not Dorinda, Richard’s wife. Just Dorinda. I found it very empowering.”

Covid living:

The holiday enthusiast has enjoyed her Massachusetts estate, Blue Stone Manor, with her parents.

Watch the interview for yourself:

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