Pop Singer Chappell Roan Shares Inspiration From RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Sasha Colby

chappell roan sasha colby

Pop star Chappell Roan paid homage to RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Sasha Colby during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. After praising the singer’s recent spike in streaming, he referenced a statement the 26-year-old songwriter made on one of the world’s largest stages.


“You said something at Coachella that I loved,” began Jimmy. “You said, ‘I’m Chappell Roan and I’m your favorite artist’s favorite artist.'” Impressed with the up-and-coming artist’s confidence, Chappell Roan gave credit to the quote’s true author, 2012’s Miss Continental/the season 15 winner of RPDR, Sasha Colby.

“That was a reference to Sasha Colby. And she said, ‘I’m your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen.’ It just hit me through the heart. So, I was like, I hope one day Sasha watches me’ and that’s why I said it.”

Jimmy jumped in to add, “Sasha, if you’re hearing right now, thank you.” He then pulled out a visual display of what appears when one googles ‘Chappell Roan.’ Found above promotional photos and live shots of  the ‘Good Luck, Babe’ songstress, was the search engine recommendation tool asking, ‘Did you mean: You’re favorite artist’s favorite artist?’

Queen shit:

Chappell Roan won even more points in my book for her hilariously real response. “I didn’t do that.” Jimmy (a 49-year-old) mansplained the internet to a Gen Z’er. “No. The world did that.”

In the most boss babe fashion, Chappell Roan let him know how in-touch she is with her fanbase. “No. It’s this random twink that works at Google. I know it is. I know it’s just some assistant that [thought], ‘We love her'” while gesturing the input of the Google recommendation.

Based on the response the responsde, Chappell won even more hearts after her Fallon appearance:

  • “It’s this random twink at google” that killed me
  • queen has NO media training and i love it
  • Charisma Uniqueness Nerve Talent – Chappell Roan is the moment and the future
  • giving sasha colby props makes my heart melt i love both of them so much
  • Chappell saying the word “twink” on late night television just added 20 years to my life
  • I’ve never seen Jimmy so on his toes like this before  she was a lot for him but I think he loved it.

New to Chappell Roan?

The first single from her second album ‘Good Luck, Babe’ dropped changing the trajectory of her career. While fans eagerly await the full album’s release, her first album, went to number one on the iTunes chart 9 months after its release due to the release of her new single.

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