Celeb Hairstylist Joked Danielle Cabral’s Hair Was ‘Built To Last’ After Jen Aydin Fight

danielle cabral stiffed hairstylist fight built to last

Celebrity hairstylist, Karyn DeSimone, quipped about the stellar job she did on RHONJ star  Danielle Cabral‘s hair the night she got in a fight with Jennifer Aydin. Unfortunately, she was never compensated. Karyn took to her Instagram page to call her former client out – again – for failing to uphold her end of the bargain they made.

Justice for hairstylist Karyn DeSimone:

“No one should ever step into anyones personal space or resort to violence,” began Bravo and MTV’s hairstylist. “But come on, Danielle. You are worried about a hairstylist paying you to be on their page and promote you bc your just so famous. But, you didn’t [pay] me for hairstyles or promote any of MY WORK on your page like promised. Who’s dirty now??” She concluded her post, “Hope everyone loves this high bun from episode 8 @bravotv that was clearly built to last 🤛 by Karyn.”

Jennifer Aydin, who initiated the physical contact between her and Danielle, slid into Karyn’s comments to enter the chat. “I told you that night she got mad at you for talking to me that it was a matter of time before she fucked you over too. I was right. But You’re very talented and your work speaks for itself. And I’m sorry she did that to you and to Marissa and to Lina. I think it’s a ‘reoccurring theme’ with that one 🤣.”


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This isn’t the first time Karyn spoke out against RHONJ’s Danielle not paying for her hair:

Last month, Karyn wrote, “Stay tuned. I will be posting all hair looks from season 14″ on Instagram. “Even though Danielle NEVER PAID for this, she did promise to promote and circulate all my work. Instead, she took me for a spin and decided to block me. I feel it’s only fair all my hard work be promoted as promised.”

Do you believe that Danielle didn’t pay Karyn for services rendered? Are you as amused by Karyn’s clap back as we are? Sound off below.