Carl Radke Wishes He Was “More Firm” with Lindsay Hubbard


Summer House’s Carl Radke reveals that he could have been more straightforward with his feelings toward his now ex-fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard.

Andy Cohen put Carl Radke in the hot seat during his appearance on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live.


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From showing up to Lindsay’s bridal shower, to oversharing with his family on screen, Radke revealed it all!

“There’s some things I wish I was a little more firm or really just made sure she knew that I was serious about.”

“I have a tendency sometimes to backdown from difficult conversations and you’re seeing some of that play out,” the Summer House star says.

ICYMI: Carl Radke faced major backlash after going to New Jersey to air out his and Lindsay Hubbard’s dirty laundry to his mother and stepfather.

However, viewers found out that the conversation happened just 5 days after weekend two, despite its air date occurring later in the season.

For additional context and timeline transparency, Radke’s NJ venting sesh was on the heels of Hubbard questioning his sobriety.

Radke maintains that he “didn’t know that conversation was going to go in that direction,” but needed some solace after all the fighting that occurred.

“I didn’t want to hurt her by delivering difficult information, even though I just needed to be more upfront with her,” the LoverBoy consultant shared.

Carl Radke’s Summer House co-star and newbie, Jesse Solomon, had his back in the Clubhouse, adding,

“He was trying to be a good partner, there were just so many wounds from the past that would come out every time they tried to have a productive conversation.”

“It was just two people who weren’t meant to be together,” Solomon concludes.

Are you team Carl Radke or Lindsay Hubbard?