Brandi Glanville Thinks Caroline Manzo Has “Buyer’s Remorse” After They “Had Fun” Together

brandi glanville caroline manzo buyers remorse

Brandi Glanville continues to deny she sexually assaulted Caroline Manzo while filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum took to social media to claim Caroline had “buyer’s remorse” after choosing to mess around with Brandi.

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Ultimate Girls Trip drama:

Brandi complained the former star Real Housewives of New Jersey made “false and defamatory” accusations against her. “The Caroline BS has plagued me for too long. I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO attraction to her. I’ve done reality TV for 13 years and never had a complaint. This is a simple case of buyer’s remorse. She had fun and now regrets it. THIS IS NONSENSE and I can prove it 😤.”

“The belly dancing party was in the main house. Caroline and Alex stayed in the guest house in the backyard. If at any point she felt uncomfortable, she could walk five steps away into her own private house. IT’S ALL FUCKING LIES. I’M SICK OF BEING A FUCKING PUNCHING BAG FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Never had a complaint in 13 years killed me 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Where is her lawyer to tell her to STFUASTFD
  • I’m tired of hearing Brandi complain about her assaulting people and not getting away with it. About her being a falling down drunk and it’s not cute because she’s a grown ass woman.
  • I’m sure Brandi was too drunk to remember at all. I completely agree with Caroline on this one.
  • No complaints? Joanna Krupa sued her and won!
  • Caroline is bitter and the truth always comes out, bravo should be ashamed how they have treated you in this situation. 
  • This reminds me of someone else who said their accuser was too unattractive to attack. Can’t remember who though. 🤔


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In case you missed it:

Page Six obtained a signed affidavit filed on May 28 that Caroline’s “vagina” was “forcibly fondled” by Brandi while being recorded.

The affidavit stated, the former RHOBH star was “sexually assaulting [Caroline] on the sofa. She was rubbing her vagina on me. The producers just watched and kept filming. They saw that I was in distress and yet, they continued to film.” Caroline alleged production didn’t “separate” her from Brandi and, instead, “continued to feed” Brandi with booze.

Production allegedly allowed Brandi to follow Caroline “into the bathroom where she ‘threw’ her against the bathroom door, causing her to hit her head.” Caroline claimed Brandi “locked me in the bathroom where she forcibly fondled my vagina against my will.” Despite witnessing Caroline’s escape attempt, producers “did not help.” The document stated, “Glanville maliciously sexually assaulted me for her own sexual gratification. She did this by forcibly kissing me, rubbing her vagina on me and then fondling my vagina against my will.”

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