CONTENT WARNING: Affidavit Reveals Details Of Brandi Glanville Allegedly Sexual Assaulting Caroline Manzo

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Caroline Manzo detailed the assault she allegedly endured by Brandi Glanville while filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco.

Content warning: SA

Page Six obtained a signed affidavit filed on May 28 that the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum’s “vagina” was “forcibly fondled” while being filmed.

The affidavit stated, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was “sexually assaulting [Caroline] on the sofa. She was rubbing her vagina on me. The producers just watched and kept filming. They saw that I was in distress and yet, they continued to film.”

Caroline alleged production didn’t “separate” her from Brandi and, instead, “continued to feed” Brandi with booze. Production allegedly allowed Brandi to follow Caroline “into the bathroom where she ‘threw’ her against the bathroom door, causing her to hit her head.”

Caroline claimed Brandi “locked me in the bathroom where she forcibly fondled my vagina against my will.” Despite witnessing Caroline’s escape attempt, producers “did not help.” The document stated, “Glanville maliciously sexually assaulted me for her own sexual gratification. She did this by forcibly kissing me, rubbing her vagina on me and then fondling my vagina against my will.”

Pressure from production and PTSD:

Caroline claims “she requested production not ask her about the alleged assault during her ‘pickup’ interviews back in New York City.” The grandmother was “visibly suffering from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress from Glanville sexually assaulting me.”

Production, however, forced Caroline to “relive the sexual assaults” in an effort “to create more ‘drama’ in the interview for their own ratings and profit.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I 1000% believe Caroline Manzo. She doesn’t deal with BS, no way would she create this story.
  • I’ve rewatched a few of Brandi’s seasons of RHOBH recently and she made so many jokes about sexual assault and crossed physical boundaries pretty consistently. In very creepy ways that I feel production and the audience quickly normalized…
  • Not a Caroline Manzo fan in the least but I 100% believe her. She would never make this up out of thin air, it would be too out of character.
  • i feel like we’re in dark times on bravo
  • I felt so uncomfortable reading this, I can’t imagine living it and then being accused of lying 😢
  • Just air the footage

The Emancipation of Brandi … or so she thought:

On April 17, Brandi took to to announce her she was “vindicated by Bravo,” but “Nobody cares!!! I guess it’s much more exciting when I’m being accused of sexual assault or being called a rapist. What is wrong with fucking people. I guess ruining lives is more exciting than vindicating a person SERIOUSLY!”

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