Billie Lee Reads Message Claiming Tom Sandoval Only Wanted To Date Models “More Famous Than Me”

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Billie Lee and Tom Sandoval‘s former gal pal, Tii, dished on the Vanderpump Rules villain and his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson. The ladies gabbed about Tom – while he’s in Scotland filming The Traitors – on Billie Lee’s podcast.” Before I met Victoria,” began Billie Lee, “I should have seen the way Tom is.”

The former SUR hostess read an anonymous message about Tom. Billie Lee read, “I remember some really insulting things. Minutes after we had sex one day he said to me, ‘My next girlfriend has to be more famous than me. I can’t handle anybody riding my cocktails [‘coattails’, Billie. COATTAILS, ffs.] I’m still sitting there naked, not famous,'” concluded Tom’s former fuck buddy.

Billie stopped reading to provide commentary. “Could you imagine you just get done having sex with a guy, you’re clearly not famous, and [Tom’s] like, ‘My next girlfriend has to be more famous than me?!'” Billie Lee’s co-host elaborated on what Sandoval was looking for. “I want someone with clout … I want a model.” That’s when Billie gave gave insight into one of Tom’s relationships post-Scandoval. “He was all about a model. [Sandoval] and Tii got along really well. They were just having a good time. I was like, ‘I love Tii for you. I want y’all to work out.’ And he’s like, ‘I really want a model.'” Billie Lee argued, “First of all, Tii is drop dead gorgeous … What do you mean? He’s like, ‘Taller. Like a tall model.'”

Tii explained how she felt when Tom reduced her to her size. “He doesn’t value me as a genuine relationship, so he’s going to get someone completely opposite of me.”

Bravo TV fans react to Tom saying he wants to date models more famous than him:

  • Waiting for that last coffin 💅 to seal his fate. Strange to me that the same friends who were all worried about the state of his mentals, are now doing exactly what he blamed was the cause his dark thoughts. I don’t wanna hear jack about his instability from him.
  • Still trying to make T happen
  • If anyone had told me a month ago that I would listen to Billie Lee’s grating voice without a gin to my head, I’d have said you’re a nutso. Yet here I am…all for the VPR 🫖
  • Women have to be ding dongs to think Sandoval and the other Peter Pans from Neverland, are mentally stable to be in a relationship with.
  • I’m really sick of EVERYBODY being a succubus of Tom Sandoval. Stop exploiting this man I’ve had it. He’s been through it enough. We don’t need to beat up on someone anymore.
  • Why are we giving a known liar like Billie this kind of platform? She gets ickier every day. She was using Tom all along. Gross.

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