Alexia Nepola Allegedly Getting Silent Treatment From Todd Nepola After Over Sharing About Sex Life

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Alexia Nepola went from doing “it all” sexually with her estranged husband, Todd Nepola, to getting the silent treatment. It appears the Real Housewives of Miami star said too much in a recent podcast episode about their active sex life amid their separation.

Too much information:

An insider told Us Weekly, “Todd and Alexia are not on speaking terms at the moment after the podcast. They hit a bump in the road. But, she is still holding on to hope that they’re going to save their marriage.”


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In case you missed it:

Alexia chose to discuss her and Todd’s sex life on the Two T’s in a Pod podcast. “We’ve done it all, yeah. We love each other. We’re super into each other.” Just after Alexia spoke about her and Todd’s active sex life, she said she didn’t want to talk about Todd and their separation. “I’d rather not talk about it out of respect to him. I’m doing better. We’ve gone to therapy – we’re doing couples therapy.”
“For me, I would want to [get back together with Todd]. I’m madly in love with him. That’s why it’s so difficult. There’s a lot to unpack.” The Cuban Barbie thinks if she and Todd had “better communication” she may not have felt blindsided by Todd filing for divorce.

In additional news Todd probably doesn’t want publicized … Todd lives in an apartment on is own while Alexia will continue to stay in the house until the lease is up next month.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • It’s giving “you messed up my thing w my side piece by saying we’re still hunching”
  • How long before new husband. Shell marry anyone for money
  • If Todd wants privacy, she should respect that.
  • Todd was all about being in the spotlight until he made himself look silly, and I’m sorry but that’s not Alexia’s fault
  • He doesn’t seem to want to be public about his life and Alexia loves the spotlight. She said it on the show. So they should probably divorce for that reason alone.
  • Why? Is because, he’s trying to play with her feelings?! I don’t trust that guy!

Do you think that Alexia revealing such personal information about Todd will be the proverbial nail in their marriage’s coffin? Drop your opinion below.