Alexia Nepola Blames Dr. Nicole Martin For Not Being “The Better Friend And The Smart One”

Just ahead of the Real Housewives of Miami season 6 reunion, Alexia Echevarria Nepola shared her opinion of how Dr. Nicole Martin and Adriana de Moura handled the guest list snafu for the Mamacita brunch.

Alexia’s opinion:

“I do believe what [Nicole] said about Adriana being the one that had the idea” to invite Ana Quincoces who has engaged in a long-lasting feud with Alexia and Marysol Patton

“I think Adriana would have the idea because Adriana figured everything out, but because Nicole had already shared that Ana had reached out to her … but [Nicole] didn’t have the facts.”

Nicole “didn’t have the proof, so she wasn’t going to repeat it.”

“So, Adrianna’s probably like, ‘I will!'”

According to Alexia, Nicole most likely wanted “nothing to do” with the drama and for Adrianna to “take all the blame” from the casts’ catastrophic brunch.

“Honestly, it was Nicole’s brunch. She could have stopped it or been the bigger, better person and the better friend and the smart one and said, ‘It’s not cool that you’re doing this. If you’re trying to move forward with Marysol and Alexia, why would you be doing this?'”

But, Nicole “didn’t do that. That’s why I was disappointed,” elaborated Alexia.

Status update:

As far as the current state of Alexia and Nicole’s friendship, the ladies are at an impasse.

Nicole is “really good. She’s married to an attorney. The attorney’s like ‘Do not admit it’ and she’s going for that. She will not admit anything.”

“I won’t say sorry, but [Nicole] won’t admit” any wrongdoing, so “We are kind of even,” continued the RHOM personality.

“I acknowledge. Like, when I said, ‘Ok. I own it.'”

“Another thing is forgiveness or saying, ‘I am sorry’ because I think like three very strong words for me so when I do say them, I really mean them.”

“I feel like these kind of shows like women are always saying like, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’ and it’s a lie.”

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Alexia isn’t interested in a public apology from Bravo TV‘s favorite anesthesiologist. “I feel like I would like [an apology] in person … not even an apology, but just like it, owning it.”

If Nicole would admit, “I was never able to get over  Marisol saying she trusts me the least and making problems with me. It’s hard for some people to ask to get over things and I think she’s kind of showed that a part of her family life. She’s admitted herself to to to therapy to try to forgive people.”

“I think there’s something in her that doesn’t allow that and that’s why she had something to do with it to get back at Marysol.”

“I was collateral damage for sure. Like I am because I stick up for people. I don’t like injustices and Marysol won’t stick up for herself. She had gone with me to brunch, so how she deals with this kind of stuff is leaving.

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