Top Chef Wisconsin: Live Discussion Season 21 Episode 12 ‘Goodbye Wisconsin’

top chef live discussion season 21 episode 12

Top Chef Wisconsin: Live Discussion

Season 21 Episode 12

‘Goodbye Wisconsin’

What to expect:

The remaining five cheftestants prepare to be in the dark (literally) for their last Quickfire Challenge with guest Chef Paul Bartolotta.


In case you missed it:

The top six played a guessing game using all senses – except for taste – to recreate a dish, from scraps, for the Quickfire Challenge. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs’ creative expression was highlighted in serving a meal with no plates. Chicago’s Ever restaurant chef/co-owner Curtis Duffy was the guest judge.


Danny wowed the judges with his Jean-Michel Basquiat “frame” of black garlic, zucchini and creme fraiche purees surrounding his paella with black rice and piquillo pepper puree. Like a Jackson Pollock painting, Dan’s dish – a smoky beet tartare – came with a “puffin,” hybrid bread that’s a cross between a crispy-edged English muffin with a fluffy center like a pita.

Dishes in danger:

Manny’s dish was less successful. He served a squid ink risotto with overcooked crab, scallops and shrimp. Michelle also struggled with this challenge, which should have been in her wheelhouse. Savannah’s dish looked better than it tasted. The judges were impressed her dramatic presentation, but her octopus was  “mushy” and “overcharred” according to Tom Colicchio.


Laura won the challenge after coming back from defeating her competition on Last Chance Kitchen. She used the table as a blank canvas to showcase her dessert dish, a play on sour cherry baklava.  “To come back from Last Chance Kitchen and win this, it feels great. The hard work is actually paying off, and I think the other chefs see it. too.”

Pack your knives and go:

While Manny and Michelle made the judges least favorite dishes, Michelle was sent home. The scale of her ingredients was too small forcing diners to eat all components at once.

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