Tom Sandoval’s “Non-Self-Serving” Approach To Donating To The “Homeless”

tom sandoval homeless

Tom Sandoval made VPR fans cringe when demonstrating how he gives money to the “homeless” … ahem, unhoused … community. 

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, the worm responsible for Scandoval left the audience gobsmacked with his “non-self-serving” display of charity.

Charity (Narcissist’s Version):

The karaoke enthusiast began, “Everybody, on your birthday, you should give a homeless person $100.”

“The best way to do it – the best … I’ll show you how to give a homeless person $100 in very, like, non-self-serving way.”

Demonstrating how slips the cash to the “homeless,” Sandoval explains, “You go, uh, you walk by and you go, ‘Hey dude. Can you hold this for me real quick? Thanks,’ and you literally just take off down the street. It’s, like, so fast.”

Bravo TV fans react to Sandoval donating to the “homeless” unhoused:

  • Can you imagine the video of Tom doing this on the street. Is there going to be a Backgrid video of him doing this on his birthday for clout. 
  • Thank GOD for the demonstration
  • My jaw dropped
  • He thinks he’s a Saint
  • is he really this vapid
  • Maybe because even putting the cheating scandal aside, he is one of the most unlikeable , narcissistic, people ever to be on TV. Who would want to be friends with this?
  • This is also how he ends a date

Watch Sandoval’s technique for donating to the “homeless” here:

*Make sure to peep Tom Schwartz‘s reaction!*


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This isn’t the first time Tom’s delusion was on display

Far before the “homeless” donation demonstration courtesy of Sandoval, Bachelor Nation‘s Nick Viall had a run-in with his manager who was happy to give the season 21 Bachelor intel on his client.

“I heard from a very reliable source that Sandoval right now has the mindset and has said so through actual words that he has a ‘You’re Welcome’ attitude for everyone else on Vanderpump.”

“Like, hey, this has all blown up, we’re bigger than ever, we have all this, and it’s because of what I did.”

“I honestly think that he thinks that and he believes that [the cast owes him]. So much so people have heard him say that.”

Drop your thoughts of Sandoval’s demonstration for giving cash to the homeless unhoused community in the comments.