RuPaul’s Drag Race Dragtestant, Brita Filter, Denies Sexual Assault Claim

On the stiletto heels of the Sherry Pie catfish scandal, there is more trouble on the horizon for another of RuPaul‘s girls….


RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 dragtestant, Brita Filter, denies a claim of sexual assault. “I reiterate that the claims made against me are untrue.”

Brita, whose ‘boy name’ is Jesse Havea, is clapping back after an accusation from 2018 alleging he sexually assaulting an anonymous man while he slept resurfaced. The accuser claimed Jesse was her ‘drag daughter.’

Jesse went on the record explaining, “I apologize for me delay in response, but as someone made a very serious allegation against me, I felt the need to consult a lawyer before making a public statement.” The NYC queen continued, “Please know I completely refute his claim. I appreciate your respect and maturity as I handle this situation.”

The star of  “Shade: Queens of NYC” took to Facebook to write “As someone who cares very deeply about the importance of consent (from first-hand experience), I always actively attempt to bring that to the forefront of any sexual encounter I have. I plan to continue to do what I’ve always done with my drag: try to create safe spaces where people feel comfortable to express themselves.”

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Knowing that Sherry Pie was forced to sashay away from the competition, do you think Brita will be able to shontay-stay on RPDR season 12? Drop your opinion off in the comments!