Find Out What Allegedly Happened At The RHONJ Finale Dinner That Caused The Reunion To Get Cancelled

real housewives of new jersey reunion fight dinner

A major focus of this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is on what happens at the finale dinner, a sit-down hosted by Dolores Catania. Allegedly, it was so bad the traditional reunion format was nixed due to what happened that night. A source spilled to OK Magazine, “At the finale dinner, Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs got into a very, very heated argument.”

Round one:

“Teresa was screaming at Margaret Josephs that she’s been trying to ruin her relationship with Louis Ruelas since the beginning. More specifically, Teresa claimed that Margaret started rumors about Luis early on and this is where their problems had stemmed from. Margaret did deny it, but then Teresa pointed to a very specific piece of evidence to show that this was the case in her opinion.”

Round two:

“Margaret then brings up that Jackie Goldschneider, who is present at the sit-down dinner, was also talking to [Ruelas’ ex] Vanessa, in an effort to show that it wasn’t just her. However, Teresa was zero percent mad at Jackie about this because this was back around the time that Teresa had been purporting rumors about Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, cheating. So, while Teresa may not have been happy that Jackie had talked to Vanessa, she understood why she did at the time and wasn’t mad at her.”

Teresa “definitely was mad at Margaret, though, because Teresa felt like they had forged a friendship on the show from Margaret’s first season on. Plus, Teresa had Margaret at her wedding so she couldn’t understand why she would do this to her.”

Round three:

Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral got physical … again. “Stuff really went haywire between Jen and Danielle. It was beyond explosive. Jen mentioned something about Danielle’s husband, Nate, having ‘man b——-’ or something and this set Danielle off explosively.”

“You know how you see glass on the floor in the first scene of this season when Dolores is sitting at Rails and asked how the sit-down went and she says it was horrible?” inquired the insider. “The glass that was everywhere on the floor was because Danielle picked up a glass pitcher and chucked it at Jen. She then lunged at her as well. It was absolutely crazy and she was extremely violent in nature!”

Round four:

Allegedly, Teresa and Melissa Gorgadid indeed get into it a ‘small drop’ as they ‘were screaming and yelling at each other’ and that rumors that had been put out prior to the season airing about Teresa calling Melissa a w—– ‘were true.’”

The conclusion:

“All in all with the cast at each others throats this much. It makes sense that the reunion could not move forward. This cast has way too many fractured relationships. After this dinner,” the source concluded, “they are most certainly unfixable.”

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