Nikki Glaser Reveals If Kim Kardashian Was Booed Because Of Taylor Swift

nikki glaser kim kardashian booed taylor swift roast

Nikki Glaser weighed in on why Kim Kardashian was booed at The Roast of Tom Brady … and it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift.

During a guest appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Nikki (a Swiftie) explained that she “ran into someone” at the Comedy Store in WeHo after the May 5 Netflix special was aired. Nikki’s contact was with some “wild guy who’s a comedian” with a “reputation for just, like, starting shit.”

If a man starts shit then I owe him nothing:

Nikki explained, “Apparently, he started the boo as just, like, a joke. He just had too many drinks or something.” The unnamed person is “not affiliated with Swifties or anything. I just felt like saying a ‘boo‘ into the air, and apparently everyone was so riled up.”

The FBoy Island/Lovers and Liars host also reminded listeners that the audience was mostly “sports fans,” not fans of The Kardashians.

“It just kinda caught wind, but it wasn’t Swiftie-meditated. I do have that on good information that it was not based on that. I was like, ‘This doesn’t feel like a huge Swiftie crowd, but it didn’t feel like that was the vibe in the room.'” The venue was filled with “sports fans wanting to have some sort of release to boo.”

“The guy started it started [booing Kim] as a joke, and it caught on too much. But, I was so glad to learn it was not Swiftie-meditated.”

In case you missed it:

Mention of Bad Blood between Taylor Swift and the influencer escalated after the pop music superstar released a song called thanK you aIMee on The Tortured Poets Department.

In case you didn’t decode Taylor’s easter egg, thanK you aIMeeis written in all lower case letters … except for K I M.

Dave Portnoy, the Founder/Owner of Barstool Sports, discussed Taylor Swift’s diss track. “Kim Kardashian got wrecked.” He elaborated on the shadiness of one of Taylor’s lyrics: And one day, your kid comes home singin’ a song that only us two is going to know is about you… “I need to see her kid singing lyrics about what a dirtbag her mother is.”

What was your opinion of Kim Kardashian getting booed at the Tom Brady roast?