Monica Garcia Confirmed Murilo Bueno’s Claim He Didn’t Steal The Purse From Meredith Marks’s Store

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The season 4 finale episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was just the beginning of an explosive night of drama on social media among the cast.

Between Lisa Barlow taking the term “Gossip Girl” to social media before the the RHOSLC4 even began and Monica Garcia going Live on Instagram immediately after the show finished, Bravoholics are exhausted, yet well-fed.

Let’s start with Murillo:

Murilo Bueno who was accused of stealing a purse from Meredith Marks‘s store – entered the chat to announce the identity of the now-infamous Reality Von Tease account that taunted the cast for years.

The bully blogger posted a photo of himself and a blonde Monica paired with the caption, “Reality Von(tea)s y’all!”

Jailbird Jen Shah‘s former 2nd assistant came with receipts, hunny.

Murilo’s evidence included proof of stalking as well as a video Monica behaving in a racially insensitive manner while wearing a scarf on her head.

Among the receipts, Murila asked Meredith to go on the record clearing his name as he is tired of getting “dragged.”


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Let’s move on to Monica’s IG Live:

Monica declared, “Nobody stole a bag from Meredith‘s store” in an effort to clear her and Murilo‘s names.

“Murilo did not steal that bag. It was a misunderstanding.”

The first-season-superstar reminded her audience that she’d have no problem blaming Murilo “since we are not good;” however, the instantly iconic Bravo TV personality pronounced his innocence.

“Murilo and I may not be close, but Murilo did not steal the bag,” reiterated the RHOSLC newbie.

Who do you think is responsible for the missing purse from the Plated designer? Drop names below.