Monica Garcia Says It’s “Bullshit” She’s Been Accused Of Stealing Lisa Barlow’s $80K (Borrowed?) Ring

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Monica Garcia wants it to be known, she did NOT steal the $80,000 ring Lisa Barlow lost in a public restroom during a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast trip.

After the explosive season 4 RHOSLC finale episode dropped, the newest cast member took to her Instagram Live to continue to spill tea and trash the cast.

A Bravo TV fan asked the first-season-standout, “Can you sue Lisa for slander for saying you stole her ring?”

“That’s bullshit,” began Monica.

“I didn’t even go into that bathroom til 20-30 minutes after she lost it.”

“I didn’t steal her freaking ring.”

“I am a lot of things,” continued the mother of four. “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, but I didn’t steal Lisa Borrows…

After a fit of giggles with her glam team, Monica insinuated Lisa’s (now infamous) $80k ring was lent to her.

“Lisa’ BORROWED jewelry.”

Like a dog with a bone, Monica isn’t letting go of this accusation of her being a thief … she’s taking it to the cops.

“I am actually making a planning on taking a polygraph with the police department because I didn’t steal that shit at all.”

Talk about understanding the assignment!

Another fan shadily commented, “That $80,000 ring was so ugly to steal.”

Monica agreed and continued to low-key drag Lisa in the act. “I literally have that exact same ring I got on Amazon for 50 bucks. I’ll share the info.”

Do you believe that Monica is innocent in the case of Lisa’s stolen ring? Sound off below.