Love Is Blind: Diamond Jack Blocked Carlton Morton On Social Media

Watch my ass to the next d***, boy. Who the f*** do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average b****, boy!” – Beyonce and Diamond Jack

Love Is Blind‘s Diamond Jack blocked her former fiance, Carlton Morton, in a not-as-dramatic fashion as she did on Netflix‘s hit show, being that Queen B wasn’t quoted. Diamond spoke with TMZ and shared what really went down once cameras stopped rolling.

What’s the 411?

According to Diamond, Carlton got himself blocked on all of her social media platforms after bad mouthing his former fiance online. “Diamond says Carlton was all hugs and smiles with her during the reunion episode, but as soon as cameras stopped rolling … she claims he turned into Mr. Hyde, and allegedly started bad-mouthing her online and threatening her with legal action.”

“That was enough for Diamond to completely ax him from her feed. But, there’s a bigger reason she thinks he’s allegedly been flip-flopping, and it has to do with the forthcoming second season — which we already know Carlton is openly lobbying to join.”

Love Is Blind Season 2: