Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Throws Shade At Carl Radke In Cheez-It Ad

lindsay hubbard cheez it carl old bay goldfish

Lindsay Hubbard dragged her former fiancée, Carl Radke, in a hilarious new Cheez-It ad. While both Summer House stars scored brand endorsements with two competing cheese cracker companies, Lindsay’s ad was declared instantly iconic by Bravoholics.

Lindsay’s caption for her Cheez-It ad:

“Currently crushing life as I soak up the start of summer, blissful and relaxed on my rooftops, snacking on the superior, cheesy snack, snapped crackers. Someone recently said being an influencer isn’t a real career (even though we’ve seen them give it a try 🐠) but it seems to be working for me. Maybe because I’m a woman? Well that other snack might make those people smile back, my all-natural-100%-real smile shows just how deactivated I am in this moment.”

Carl, on the other hand, got an endorsement with Goldfish promoting their Limited Edition Old Bay seasoned snacks. Despite the snack being tasty AF (I’m an Old Bay babe for life!), Carl’s ad sunk. Paired with a picture of Carl holding a bag of Old Bay seasoned Goldfish, his caption stated, “The best summertime snack? OLD BAY Goldfish @goldfishsmiles 🧡Don’t miss me on @accesshollywood tonight! #Goldfish_ad.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • That caption is straight poetry.
  • Hall of fame type shade here. Major kadooze
  • If the roles were reversed y’all would be calling for his head on a spike. She’s a weirdo and Goldfish are superior in every way.
  • I love when companies get in on bravo drama 🍿
  • Carl’s veneers … all I can think is the Friends episode when Ross whitens his teeth.
  • I didn’t even realize how much shade was in that caption, like every sentence 😂
  • She’s unhinged. Said what I said. She’ll be following Carl around for the rest of his days…


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