Lala Kent Calls Rachel Leviss A "Coward" Who Is "Just Beyond Helpless"

"You should have strapped on your ovaries and you should have come on the show after you blew everyone's world up."

September 26, 2023 8:22am

Outspoken Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent, had some choice words for her former co-star, Rachel [formerly Raquel] Leviss.

After admitting she’s “been off the ‘gram” and doesn’t know what’s happening in the VanderVerse, Lala was given the CliffsNotes of the latest VPR drama.

Lala learned that Rachel blocked Sandoval on Instagram after he wished her a happy birthday and friend-zoned her publicly.

Sarcastically, Lala commented, “I see that the mental health facility really helped her.”

“She’s just come so far. She’s just so removed from this world.”

Lala reminded her followers that she “really tried” with the former beauty pageant contestant, but she’s “just beyond helpless.”

While giggling, Lala added, “I can’t believe she did the X through his face and blocked him. Like, ‘honey. We’ve moved on.’ That happened 500 years ago.”

Speaking directly to Tom Sandoval‘s former paramour, Lala quipped, “If you had something to say, you should have strapped on your ovaries and you should have come on the show after you blew everyone’s world up and you should have addressed it.”

“Instead, all you learned from your time away is that you get on social media – see here’s the difference between you and me …”

“I’m willing to go toes on the ‘gram, on Twitter, on Threads, on Facebook, and when I see you wer’re still gonna go toes.”

“You don’t know how to do that because you’re a coward.”

Hearing that Rachel posted a story on IG that she blocked Tom is “the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day,” concluded Lala.


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