Kristen Doute Says Ozempic Use Made Her “So Incredibly Sick”


Kristen Doute revealed that the popular drug, Ozempic, used for weight loss among the Hollywood masses, had adverse effects on her during her weight loss journey.

The Valley star opened up to her nearly 1 million Instagram followers that she underwent an AirSculpt procedure to help shed 40 pounds in her tummy area.

As an Airsculpt ambassador, Kristen shared her reasoning for undergoing treatment was to see reflected on the outside what she already feels about herself on the inside.

“My heart is great, I have a great personality, I’m a character. I want to look in the mirror and feel the same way I feel about myself inside.”

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Doute revealed that prior to undergoing the procedure she experimented with Ozempic.

“This was not something I was going to talk about, but I did try one of the pens – the medicine that you inject yourself with,” the VPR alum began. “I tried that for 3 weeks and I was so insanely sick. I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Doute went on to say that her weight continued to fluctuate when taking Ozempic, and the side effects were not worth it for her.

“What am I doing? This is insane. I’m flip flopping all over the place.”

Now that she’s feeling more confident in her own skin, the reality TV star shares that she has purchased her first 2-piece bathing suit since 2019.

Are you surprised by how candid Kristen Doute was about her Ozempic use?