Kanye West Says His Instagram Posts About Kim Kardashian's Boyfriend Pete Davidson Are "Payback"


February 17, 2022 1:39pm

Kanye West can’t stop/won’t stop targeting his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian‘s new boyfriend on Instagram.

After weeks of posting (then deleting) photos and messages about Pete Davdson, ‘Ye credited his online behavior as “payback” to the comedian.

Kanye’s commentary:

“This boy thought he could get away with performing this sketch for the team that wrote this for him This is not harassment This is payback”

An hour prior, Kanye added a screenshot to his IG page of Pete wearing a red ‘Make Kanye 2006 Again’ hat while making an appearance on SNL’s weekend update with the caption, “HI SKETE YOU GOT ANYMORE MENTAL HEALTH JOKES FOR ME?”

Keep in mind, Kanye recognized the feedback that his using all caps makes people feel like they are being yelled at and vowed to stop. Apparently, that is not the case for Pete.

There’s more:

In addition to Pete, Kanye called out TMZ and Page Six for “gaslighting” and “harassment.”

This post, too, was since been deleted.

“Someone always telling you you’re crazy can drive someone crazy That’s the gaslighting That’s the harassment The liberals have tried to discredit me for 20 years Page 6 TMZ and SNL are a gang That gang has tried to bully harass control discredit minimize and patronize me for years They are Godless God got me and God got our family Jesus has already one the victory And for everyone praying for me and my family Faith without works is dead Do something positive Say something publicly and positively while you still can Our first amendment is merging into the 13th amendment in front of our eyes meaning our freedom of speech is being challenged Because when you say something against the liberal agenda they gang up and say you’re challenged Y’all gone stop calling me crazy Let’s see if page 6 and TMZ print that I said that they are Godless”

What do you think it’s going to take for Kanye to stop? Sound off in the comments.


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