Jennifer Aydin Names The Biggest 'Boogawolf' Of Season 14 Of RHONJ

It's no surprise the Jersey Housewives were assigned to different panels.

November 6, 2023 12:56pm

During the final panel of BravoCon 2023, host Michael Rappaport asked Jennifer Aydin who her biggest nemesis was this season.

The mother of five began, “For this point in time, Danielle is the biggest boogawolf.”

“I’ve seen some of her outfits, so I would say boogawolf.”

In case you missed it, it got physical between the Jersey women at Teresa Giudice‘s Tulum party.

“Things we can verify: Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin did get into an altercation.”

“A drink was thrown upside Jennifer’s head. We are told that Jennifer was bleeding near her ear.”

Jennifer ended up revealing something about Danielle that didn’t make her look good and it set Danielle off but no one was expecting for things to get physical.”

An additional source spilled to, Danielle got in Jennifer’s face, but the plastic surgeon’s wife was the first to get handsy.

“Danielle immediately went in Jennifer’s face screaming, ‘I see you!!’ while others tried to get her to back away.”

“She would not step away from Jennifer Aydin’s face so Jennifer pushed her shoulder to back off.”

“That’s when Danielle grabbed a drink and threw it upside Jennifer’s face resulting in blood.”

Allegedly, Danielle wanted to keep going.

“People were screaming she’s bleeding and Danielle did not care, she made it like she wanted it to keep going. Jennifer was even left bruised after the cup broke on her.”

Both Jennifer and Danielle are being investigated and have not filmed since the incident. “They were both scheduled to film on Friday and it was cancelled;” however, both women were invited – and attended – BravoCon in Las Vegas.

While the details are all alleged, Jennifer and Danielle’s feud is Insta-official as both women have unfollowed the other.


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The biggest moment of BravoCon 2023, in my humble opinion, was when a shady audience member, Gabby from Philly, asked Jennifer if she was able to crawl any higher up Teresa’s ass.

Where do you stand in the Jennifer/Danielle feud? Sound off in the comments!

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