Jeff Lewis Hosted Super Spreader Event At Leah Black's Home Where The Flipping Out Star, Mercedes 'MJ' Javid, And Several Staffers Contracted Covid

Update- Jeff clarified "what [he] meant" when he said the super-spreader holiday soiree he hosted was “worth almost dying for."

December 31, 2021 5:00am


Post updated 12/31/2021 @05:00 

Former Flipping Out star, Jeff Lewis, explained “what he meant” when he said the holiday super-spreader event he hosted was “worth almost dying for” on his podcast, “Jeff Lewis Live.” 


The real estate speculator clarified he was “exaggerating” because he didn’t realize he would have such a severe case of the potentially deadly virus.

“If someone said to me, ‘You’re going to go to this crazy party, you’re going to get wasted, sh!t-faced, you’re going to have crazy, drunken sex, whatever. You’re going to go, but you’re gonna get COVID. It’s going to be light symptoms. It’s going to be a runny nose, achy, you’re going to stay home for five days…’ I would still go to that party, yes.”

The reality:

“If someone said, ‘Look, you’re going to get COVID, and you’re going to have these chills for 24 hours, you’re not going to get warm, you’re going to have a 104-degree fever, you’re going to be delusional, whatever …’ — no, I’m not going to go to that party. So, that’s what I meant.”

Jeff elaborated, “There were a few days I thought were my last,” regarding his side effects from his covid diagnosis. “I did open up a few nice bottles of wine.”

“Scottie [Jeff’s on-again boyfriend] took a bowl of ice water and was putting cloths on my body to try to bring the temperature down.”

“There was no sweat whatsoever; I was just radiating heat. I was a little delirious, and I told him, ‘I think you’re going to wake up tomorrow and I’m going to be dead.’”


Original post 12/28/2021 @12:11

Jeff Lewis has “no regrets” after hosting a covid superspreader event at Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black‘s home on December 21st.

In addition to the former Flipping Out star, Shahs of Sunset‘s Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid contracted the virus, as well as Jeff’s Sirius XM co-host Megan Weaver, assistant Shane Douglas, actress Monika Casey, and his on-again/off-again boyfriend, Scott Anderson.

The announcement:

On a recent episode of Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff informed his audience that “Thursday [12/23/2021] is when everyone started testing positive.”

“A third of us got it. And we also have people with symptoms who haven’t been tested yet.”

No regrets:

“That was an epic party. It was so worth almost dying for!”

“I don’t regret [it].”

Safety first?

Jeff told his listeners that he “thought” he was being “responsible” by hiring a nurse to test every guest before they entered Lea’s home.

“People are saying we’re reckless and stupid. No, we’re not, f*ckers!”

“We were all vaccinated.”

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