Jax Taylor Brought Up Brittany Cartwright Asking Him For Sex On Their Podcast

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Jax Taylor outed his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, for soliciting sex from him. The Valley stars took to their podcast to talk about an exciting night out they had after a party at Chateau Marmont.

Left out:

The former SUR bartender found out Brittany was out with friends at the WeHo hotspot and wanted to go. “I was at Jax’s at the time for my karaoke night. So I said, ‘I’m gonna swing on over there.” Brittany chimed in to add, “You were lit. Litty lit.”

“I was a little angry because you didn’t tell me about” the party, whined Jax. Once Jax mentioned the party to Brittany, she invited him. Jax complained, “I want you to invite me to these things. Say, “Hey. I miss you.” Brittany countered, “We are in a weird relationship. Whatever. I still said you could come.”

Jax declared Brittany stills wants to have sex with him:

“The other day you asked if we should have sex or not. We don’t even know where we are right now. At this point, we can just laugh at it. But, anyway, getting back to … it’s just such a weird thing. You’re like, ‘Should we have sex or not?'” Laughing through the cringe, Brittany added, “You just can’t move on from that. I just think you really want people to know.”

“Jax continued, We’re an open book here. Wait til you start dating someone. Or I start dating somebody.” Brittany cackled “No. I’ll knock you out.” Trying to convince Bravoholics that we didn’t see him parading an OnlyFans model Paige Woolen around town, Jax reiterated, ‘I’m not in the market for dating right now.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Oyyyyyy. This is going to be the entire plot line of The Valley S2 and I’m already tired.
  • She is back peddling. She loves her house and wants to keep it. I get it. She didn’t like seeing him out dating. He denies dating, but we know he is.
  • While he’s still liking that Paige’s newest pics on Insta too so probably still in contact with her
  • This is why I’ve never felt bad for Brittany. She knows exactly who he is, and always has, she chooses to stay with him, even when he cheats on her, and treats her horribly. She likes the drama
  • He more than likely can’t afford to liquidate any assets to divorce as is since they never signed a pre or a post nuptial agreement. It’s giving staying so he can’t go broke

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