Katie Maloney And Kristen Doute Comment On Rumors Of Jax Taylor Cheating On Brittany Cartwright

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Jax Taylor is adamant he didn’t cheat on Brittany Cartwright … again. 

During an episode of the When Reality Hits podcast, Jax and Brittany were joined by Kristen Doute to discuss the rumors circulating around their marital status, including the one Katie Maloney mentioned on Vanderpump Rules.

Is Jax cheating again?

“Let’s make this very clear of this whole cheating thing,” began the star of the upcoming show, The Valley.

“So, Katie – wonderful Katie – that we love dearly, saw a picture of me taking a picture with a promoter” which she found suspicious.

In reality, “The person taking the picture was her boyfriend,” noted Jax.

“It was in Altantic City. We’ve all done jobs. Me, Tom [Sandoval], Tom [Schwartz], we’ve done plenty of appearances with her.”

“There was no cheating, but Katie just likes to stir the pot … doing what she does best.”

Kristen chimed in to add, “So, the bottom line is Jax did not cheat on Brittany.”

“I’m here to say it has nothing to do with what their separation is about or what their relationship woes are. I would be the first one to be screaming it from a freaking mountaintop. It’s not true.”

In reference to the “blonde girl” that was spotted with Jax, the Brittany assured the listeners, “I think that was probably just like a hostess of a restaurant” … not someone Jax cheated with.

“It was like the edit or something. They edit so good,” Brittany elaborated.

Jax added, “Those mother fucking editors, I tell you what.”

“They’re good at their job, bro,” concluded Brittany.

Katie re-entered the chat:

Unfortunately for Jax, VPR star, Katie Maloney, took to Instagram to clarify her original statement.

“This particular rumor they are all talking about, I never even saw and was’t what I was talking about, but ok.”

Is Katie alluding to there being multiple other women?!?!

Bravo TV fans react to Jax cheating again allegedly:

  • Whether he cheated or not, it’s Jax’s own fault that no one believes he didn’t cheat this time.
  • Katie just had to add that in. She’s the first person to defend herself fiercely but hates when other people defend themselves
  • Timeline doesn’t match. This was filmed last summer. That pic was released last month.
  • The fact they’re trying to deny it so fiercely makes me believe it even more.

Listen to Jax discuss the cheating rumors here:


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Do you think Jax cheated (again)?